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Curb Chain

Ever since the hip-hop culture came into existence, several styles and types of chains have existed. It goes without¬† saying - the curb chain has been one of those styles people have adorned since its inception. Back in the day, curb chains were made through a round wire cut to size to later twist and create unique grooves. Furthermore, such grooves enable the space for other curb links of similar lengths, widths, and depths to settle snugly. From such a base shape, many evolving technologies have led to several curb chain link styles. However, many styles and types will come and go but that distinct shape with a couple of grooves on every side with a pair of link formations will stay true to the term ‚Äėcurb.‚Äô

Baguette Curb Chain

What would be better than a curb chain? EGen Club’s gold plated baguette curb chain with hand-set cubic zirconia stones. Sounds like poetry in motion, right? Problems arise when consumers feel left out soon after purchasing a product. Well, we at EGen Club make sure that our customer support team stays with you 24/7. So, when we say 24/7, we mean it. In case you locate any minor or major craftsman defect, feel free to get in touch with our team. Since EGen Club offers a lifetime guarantee on all the products, we will either repair the product or get it replaced. 

Gold Curb Chain

Our gold curb chain is free of zinc alloys, lead, or nickel, and accommodates a triple-lock box clasp closure for optimum usability. Furthermore, if you are someone who is always skeptical about buying a curb chain because of its size? Fret not! Our curb chains are available in various sizes to fit all. Flaunt it at your next big stage-event or just have it around your neck for everyone to notice on the street.

In the end, make sure to browse through our ever-filled product inventory of premium quality chains to make up your mind. You can even layer our Gold Curb Chain with any rope chains or cuban link chains we have in store.


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